Teng-Ko Weng Art Studio carefully designed three special lessons tailored to the different needs of academic learners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for art colleges or universities, challenging your artistic skills at national / international levels, or just wanting to relax and give yourself an extra avenue to uncover and express your creativity, Teng-Ko Weng Art Studio is here to guide and walk with you through the amazing artistic journey! Teng-Ko Weng has over 30 years of rich experience in inspirational, unique, and fun teaching, and has helped countless people breakthrough in their personal and academic achievements – including earning awards and successful entries to internationally acclaimed universities.

Portfolio Class

Are you applying for Art Universities and need a professional and creative art portfolio that will make you very competitive among many applicants around the world? Then Portfolio Class is for you! With proven teaching strategies that have led students to their favorite universities, Teng-Ko Weng will carefully craft a series of personal lessons for you to guide you create your own unique artworks – whether they are impressive paintings or innovative sculptures – you will be well prepared to enter the art school of your dream. [More…]

Honor Class

Are you passionate about art and eager to further expand your art talents, skills and career? Then Honor Class will challenge you to go above and beyond, giving you an edge in various art competitions. [More…]

Are you looking for a hobby in art or want to sharpen your art skills in a fun and casual way? Then Creative Class will help you focus on building your artistic foundation. Let the expressive lines, forms and colors inspire your deepest creativity! [More…]

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