A Letter of Appreciation from William Shen to Teng Ko Weng

William Shen is pre-admitted to Harvard University in 2018 with annual scholarship of USD$70,000

Dear Mr. Weng:

When I recieved the news about my painting winning “the Best Youth Portrait award in the Portrait Society of Canada’s 2015 national young artist portrait competition”, the first thought that came to my mind was: Thank you my teacher, Mr. Weng!

In retrospect, my Mother had searched and contacted many art studios for me. Finally she had decided that Mr. Weng is a good artist and a teacher hard to come by. Not only because Mr. Weng had superb skills in art, but time after time, he had raised up students who had won renowned awards, and students who had entered the universities they aimed for. My Mother firmedly believed that I could learn the art of painting with Mr. Weng.

During my learning with Mr. Weng, I felt his sincerety, the sense of responsibility, and the rich experience in teaching. You have established in me a firm foundation in painting and continued to help me maintain a strong interest in art. Above all, I admire your friendly and humble character. You are truely an artist with both good virtues and skills.
I am very honored to be your student. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Weng!

May you be blissful and healthy, and best wishes for your future!

William Shen