Teng-Ko Weng Biography (Mandarin)


Title: HanRenChuTouTian – ChiZiHuaJia Teng-Ko Weng
Author: Teng-Ko Weng
Publisher: Cosmic Light
Published On:
December 14, 2002
Language Mandarin
ISBN: 957-727-186-3
Synopsis: Just reaching his 42nd birthday, Teng-Ko Weng has a pure and bright heart. Though having walked through the valley of sorrows, Weng has heart-warming smiles and a good sense of humor. Weng likes dressing up as entertaining clown – which he thinks well describes his life – spreading joy onstage yet enduring sorrow behind the scene. Weng has many talents – He loves sculpting, music, magic and comedy. He had been on TV shows performing painting with mouth, hands and feet simultaneously; he had also been awarded for psalm writing. Even when life is throwing him many challenges and hardships, with a pure, tender, and kind heart, Weng takes them on to appreciate and learn from those life lessons.